I recently tried to clean up all the Anki add-ons I am using and ended up making this list:

Filename Anki 2.0 URL Anki 2.1 URL External URL Description
advanced_browser 874215009 874215009 link E.g. allows to present all note fields in a very compact column layout in the edit window.
Deck_name_in_title 3895972296   link Deck name in title
download_audio 3100585138   link Download audio pronunciations of your expressions.
Export_Browsers_card_list_contents_to_CSV_file.py link      
HierarchicalTags 1089921461   link Create hierarchical tags, such as japanese:kanji etc.
hinfo ?? ??    
japanese_examples 2413435972   link Generate example sentences that use the expressions you are studying.
jp 3918629684 3918629684   Japanese support
kanji_colorizer 1964372878 1964372878 link Generates stroke order diagrams for Japanese Kanji.
More_Overview_Stats_2 531984586 2116130837   More information about your progress!
Multi-column_note_editor 3491767031 3491767031    
play_button 498789867   link Play button to (re)play audio on your cards.
progress graph 266436365 266436365 link  
Quick note and deck buttons 2181333594     Change note and decks with keystrokes or handy buttons.
Stats Expected number of cards 2464818309     Showing the expected number of cards to be reviewed in the next time.
Review Heatmap 1771074083   link Similar to the github contribution heatmap
Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts 2090822731      
Lists 1524262201